This series of photos shows the making-of the event/gathering, the center piece of which was a 1:16 scale model of a KC-135. Here is how I made it. This first photo shows the beginning of the paper templates which were used to cut out the cardboard interior structure of the model. I was able to find rough sketches online, mainly from model building hobbyists, and scale those up using a simple projector and trace the results. Any gaps were filled in using a plastic model I bought on Ebay. In some areas that were unclear in the drawings I cut that plastic plane into sections to trace the profile ...
... a total of 12 propane tanks were used. I had to figure out how to create the desired flame as it exited the body of the plane. I consulted online descriptions of homemade glass blowing furnaces. I tried some of these but the final custom nozzle was created though trial and error. In the end, the simplest solution was the best.

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