KC-135 Ground Tracking Network

A program to educate and recruit KC-135 airplane spotters, the KC-135 Ground Tracking Network puts eyes to the sky, monitoring and recording when others won’t. Nicknamed the B.L.U.E. Sky Network, this network generates a constantly updating knowledge base which can be studied online at the forum. If you’d like to be part of this Intermod Series skywatch network click here to join. Members have unlimited access and are eligible to receive a free embroidered B.L.U.E. Sky Network patch.

If you were on the mailing list (put together with the project host, WhiteWalls/Anthony Elms), you received the KC-135 Spotters’ Guide in the USPS mail. This introduction included an invitation to join the network and instructions on how to begin. Encouraged to join the growing online forum, network members add their input to the online database where other members comment and participate. Within a few weeks of the mailing, the Intermod Series invited the members to a one-time event/gathering which occurred at midnight on December 2nd, 2009 and ended permanently at 1:00 am.

Photos show the mailer and graphics along with photos of a one-time purging event & gathering during which the activated 1:16 scale model was presented 'live'. 

> The KC-135 Spotters' Guide text and the FAQ can be read here.

> Construction photos of the KC-135 1:16 scale model can be found here.

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