The Intermod Series is designed, constructed, and presented by Brennan McGaffey.

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Intermod Series projects usually have a host - an organization or person who gives the idea a home. Previous projects have been mostly self-funded and, unfortunately, that is not sustainable. If you'd like to be part of the Intermod Series - funding or hosting - please email me. Below are some ideas that need attention.

‘Errantry Studies’, a series of drawings, models, and photographs of borderland science experiments including studies guided by visionaries like Victor Shauberger, Edward Leedskalnin, John Hutchinson, and more.

‘Boundary Layer’, a radio broadcast. The radio antenna is on a tower which ... slowly - similar to a radar antenna - broadcasting a .... with a custom-designed and fabricated ... antenna. Simultaneously, the broadcast frequency will ... the FM radio band. The effect for the listener will be a ... but repeating interference that fades .... Additional elements: wheel chart for following the broadcast, an embroidered patch, stickers, mailer, limited edition ... locked grove vinyl record, and a space for the HQ. Sound & complete discription: will be revealed after funding is available.

The Intermod Series has been included in the following publications:

'TRESPASS, A History of Uncommissioned Urban Art', Marc & Sara Schiller, Taschen Publications

'In the Place of Sound', Colin Ripley, essay by Anthony Elms, Cambridge Scholars Publishing > link

'Transmission Art, Artists & Airwaves', Galen Joseph-Hunter, PAJ Publications

'Beyond Green, Towards a Sustainable Art', Independent Curators International > link

'Something Like a Phonemena, Two Audio Projects by Brennan McGaffey', Brett Bloom, Half Letter Press > link

'What We Want is Free: Generosity And Exchange In Recent Art', Ted Purves, S U N Y Series in Postmodern Culture, State University of New York Press

Radio and electronic assistance for the Intermod Series provided by Bill Milosz.
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