Below are the five rocket payload descriptions and the Launch Schedule Bulletin 1-800 phone number recording* for the scheduled launch period.

    Sound Conditioning--near-field noise abatement
  • Payload: pink noise generator
  • Function: sound masking for a city environment
  • Description: this payload will emit a soothing sound
  • Airframe Color: light blue
  • Battery Type: NiMH
  • Scheduled for: summer/morning

    Aroma Aerosol Transfer
  • Payload: Blend of peppermint, juniper berry, and rosemary oil
  • Function: beneficial use of aroma
  • Description: dispersal of a stimulating blend of essential oils
  • Airframe Color: yellow
  • Scheduled for: summer/fall, morning

    Temporary Starscape Placement
  • Payload: luminescent stars
  • Function: unusual optical event
  • Description: nighttime dispersal of luminescent stars
  • Airframe Color: black
  • Scheduled for: fall, evening

    Aerial RFI--remote radio deployment
  • Payload: 1-watt FM transmitter
  • Function: EMF/radio screening
  • Description: broadcast of a silent carrier wave
  • Airframe Color: lavender
  • Battery Type: NiMH
  • Scheduled for: fall/winter, evening

    Cloud Seeding--active rain/snow formation
  • Payload: 100 grams of silver iodide
  • Function: triggering precipitation
  • Description: when introduced into the cloud deck, this payload mimics the crystalline structure of cloud condensation nuclei, allowing droplets or ice crystals to form
  • Airframe Color: white
  • Scheduled for: winter, weather determined

LAACM 800-Number Bulletin Recordings:

* voice 2001 © Steve Lacy

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