Low Altitude Atmospheric & Civic Modifications. In 2001, the Intermod Series launched rockets in the city which contained payloads designed to create micro-alterations of a city's near atmospheric environment. The LAACM had a monthly schedule with five different payloads which, when released into the air, propagated the designed effects determined by the use of therapeutics, noise and EMF screening, weather adjustment, and unusual optical events. The launch schedule was distributed over a 5-month period. Updates, locations, and cancellations were posted on the Launch Schedule Bulletin toll-free 800 phone number. Originally hosted by Temporary Services.

A special Intermod mailer was created and sent out to the Temporary Services mailing list to announce the project. The mailer was inflated and contained an embroidered patch, an embossed paper description, and stickers.

Photos show the Intermod diagram to illustrate the rocket launch sequence, a picture of the south-side launch, pictures of the rocket payloads, and close-up photos of rockets and the kit.

Below are the five rocket payload descriptions and the Launch Schedule Bulletin 1-800 phone number recording* for the scheduled launch period.

Sound Conditioning -- near-field noise abatement

  • Payload: pink noise generator
  • Function: sound masking for a city environment
  • Description: this payload will emit a soothing sound
  • Airframe Color: light blue
  • Battery Type: NiMH
  • Scheduled for: summer/morning

Aroma Aerosol Transfer

  • Payload: Blend of peppermint, juniper berry, and rosemary oil
  • Function: beneficial use of aroma
  • Description: dispersal of a stimulating blend of essential oils
  • Airframe Color: yellow
  • Scheduled for: summer/fall, morning

Temporary Starscape Placement

  • Payload: luminescent stars
  • Function: unusual optical event
  • Description: nighttime dispersal of luminescent stars
  • Airframe Color: black
  • Scheduled for: fall, evening

Ariel RFI -- Remote Radio Deployment

  • Payload: 1-watt FM transmitter
  • Function: EMF/radio screening
  • Description: broadcast of a silent carrier wave
  • Airframe Color: lavender
  • Battery Type: NiMH
  • Scheduled for: fall/winter, evening

Cloud Seeding -- active rain/snow formation

  • Payload: 100 grams of silver iodide
  • Function: triggering precipitation
  • Description: when introduced into the cloud deck, this payload mimics the crystalline structure of cloud condensation nuclei, allowing droplets or ice crystals to form
  • Airframe Color: white
  • Scheduled for: winter, weather determined

LAACM 800-Number Bulletin Sample:

*voice 2001 © Steve Lacy
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