... 2005 version was the result of a scheduling conflict with the 2002 model. A museum which wanted to include it in a show and agreed to help fund a new one. I took this opportunity to take what I learned from the old one and improved on the design and construction. I remember that I didn’t have enough time, and I definitely should not have spent the money, but the results were satisfying. The following set of photos will give you a step-by-step following the fabrication through the late summer of 05 .... one the Audio Relay design was on paper; I started the basic skeleton structure. All of this had to be planned with parts already at hand. There was very little room to spare in the design. In the previous photo you see the handle and the cavity it sits in. I used epoxy soaked cardboard tubes when deeply curved sections were required.

Designed & fabricated by Brennan McGaffey / Intermod Series to be as small and mobile as possible.  It can be powered by an electrical outlet, or it can run off a car battery. The solar panels are designed to recharge the battery, or you can recharge the battery by plugging the unit into an electrical outlet while the battery is connected.

A step-by-step of the fabrication with explanations can also be found on Tumblr here.

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