Originally broadcast for the Experimental Sound Studio, Outer Ear Festival of Sound 2000. The receiver wire was strung thoughout the ESS director's apartment picking up the live power line buzz and fluctuations. Below is the description for the festival. Photos show the ELF receiver and the aluminum sticker which was distributed throughout Chicago.


For the festival I will be receiving and re-broadcasting the radio signal generated by the electrical power lines in and surrounding the ESS building.

As electricity passes through these power lines a magnetic field is created. This magnetic field can be received as a radio signal using an ELF receiver. I will be broadcasting this radio signal over a more accessible FM frequency, 87.9 FM.

This will be a live broadcast, 24 hrs. a day, November 5-22. A short interval signal will interrupt the transmission at the top of every hour. The area of reception will surround ESS by several miles. The ESS building is located in the Andersonville neighborhood.

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