4 x Daily for 27 MHz

Project Citizens Band, 4 x Daily for 27 MHz was a month long broadcast over CB radio using prerecorded sounds designed to be mood altering. There were four different audio tracks that related to commonly experienced emotions for the scheduled time of day. The audio was transmitted through the CB for a 5-minute duration at the scheduled time, creating a sedative or stimulating effect. There were no voice-overs or songs. The broadcast was amplified to 225 watts to increase the chance for short wave skip and reception over long distances. A container was designed and constructed to house the radio equipment and computer. An Intermod Series 3-piece tripod tower provides support for the antenna. Produced with Anthony Elms & Whitewalls, Chicago. Sounds created with Ernst Karel. Sounds sampled below are recorded live from a receiving CB with no alterations. The originals before transmission are available below those recordings.

Photos show the EEG printouts, brain-wave sampling w/ Marc Fischer, the Intermod Series design of the equipment container / finished container, and the antenna tower.

Broadcast Schedule:

  • 8:30 am Morning Coffee
  • 2:30 pm Afternoon Break
  • 5:30 pm Evening/Rush Hour
  • 10:30 pm Bedtime/Rest Stop

  • Audio Sample:

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